Noodle knife

Each knife is carefully handmade. We will polish the knife as a part of customer service.

Stainless steel
No worries of rust so easy to take care.

Carbon steel
Need more maintenance procedure,but better in sharpness.

Damascus steel

Decorated stainless knife which is popular among foreigners.

Japanese knife
Unique design of Japanese knife which used ebony or magnolia tree on its grip.

Western knife
Strongly built knife with handle and it has wide-range of selection.

home use (stainless steel)

We have many different types of knives such as sanntoku, made of stainless steel, and nakiri, made of cabon steel.

Also called as bunka knife, it is one of home use knife suitable to chop vegetables.

Chef knife
Small all-purpose knife. Size 180-210mm.

Vegetable knife which has more balance on the tip.

Western knife (carbon steel)

Using steel material, it has high cost performance. We have done finishing process by hand work.

Small knife
Useful for detailed work such as peeling vegetable skin.

Chef knife
suitable for anything but firm ingredient.

Slicer to slice off fiber and fat of meat.

Boning knife
Slightly thick single edge knife suitable to cut spare ribs.

Solid knife suitable to cut hard ingredients such as bones.

Japanese knife

We have done a finishing process after it is handmade by traditional craftmen in Sakai City, Osaka.

Yanagiba(Sashimi knife
Kanto region used to used takohiki and Kansai region used yanagiba. Nowaday, yanagiba is more commonly used.

Deba(fish knife)
Unique Japanese knife which combined chopper and fillet knife in one knife.

Usuba(Tokyo style veg knife)
Vegetable knife for professional use; Kanto region commonly use Higashigata and Kansai use kamagata.

Chef kife
All-purpose knife with a taste of Japanese knife.

Knives used to clean fish.

New lineup

Comming soon.