Sharpening of kitchen knife

Sharpening of kitchen knife. We also provide sharpening and repair service for kitchen knives that are worn out of shape, or chipped blades. The sharpening artisan with our long-passed cutlery sharpening technique will restore your knives anew.

Types length Basic Fee
Home use knife & Petty Knife 120mm〜210mm ¥800〜¥1,000
Chef Knife & Slicer 240mm〜300mm ¥1,200〜¥2,000
Yanagiba (Sashimi Knife) 240mm〜300mm ¥1,200〜¥2,000
Deba (Fish Knife) 120mm〜210mm ¥1,000〜¥2,500
Usuba (Pro-veg. Knife) 195mm〜240mm ¥2,000〜¥4,000
Noodle Knife 300mm〜360mm ¥3,000〜¥5,000
Chinese Cleaver ¥1,500〜

*Additional fees may apply in case for the shape reforming or for special materials.
*We might not able to accept Left-Handed Knives.
*Generally, It takes 1 week for sharpening and repair.