You can get more services for the knife you purchased,
"Hand-engraving" (Free)"More-sharpening" (fee required), while you are looking at it.
Please feel free to tell us.

*In principle, we ask you to use Japanese kanji or katakana characters.
We may be able to help you with alphabet stamps for simple requests like initials.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the price and time required to add a name to a knife?

A. The process is free.
It takes about 3 minutes per knife, but may require more time if the shop is busy.

Q. Can I put my name on a kitchen knife I bought at another store for a fee?

A. We offer this service as a gesture of gratitude for the purchases of our customers, so we cannot conduct it on products bought elsewhere.

Q. I purchased a knife at your shop some time ago, can I have a name engraved on it?

A. We can accept it at any time. However, please note that if it is not a product from our original line we will ask that you furnish a receipt of the item's purchase.