Knife Sharpening Speed Service

This is a service aimed at normal households where instead of taking a week to complete sharpening we conduct it in an expedited manner, and can return the knives in an hour or two. It was conceived as an effort to raise funds to benefit reconstruction after the Tohoku earthquake and tsunami.
However, there are the following conditions for participation.

①In addition to the polishing fee a 500 yen donation to relief efforts is required.

Polishing fee (basic fee including tax) 1,000 yen + donation 500 yen = customer pays 1,500 yen
* Please pay the donation in cash.
* Twice a year (March / September), we will send money to various organizations and report it on our website.

②We can sharpen double-edged knives with a blade length of 21 cm or less (Santoku, Gyuto, petty, etc.) for household use with no chipping or deformation, and only minor damage

* Single-edged knives such as Yanagiba and Deba blades are not eligible

③Limited to one per person or group

* These requests will be fit in between our normal work, so we will only accept a limited number.

④Must be received before 16:30 (We close at 18:00)

* For services to be completed our normal delivery time frame we can accept drop-offs until the store closes.