"Hygienic and durable all-stainless steel"

This is an entirely stainless-steel series of knives made for long term and hygienic use, along with the good grip and slip resistance of a conventional wooden handle.
Cobalt alloy is used for the core material to maintain a comfortable sharpness.
You can use it at home, at work, or in any situation.

"The perfect fitting handle created by skilled craftsmen!"

These are commemorative models planned for the 88th and 90th anniversaries of the company's founding.
The excellent stainless-steel material is well suited to the special commemorative model, and the handle is handmade from mahogany wood by skilled craftsmen.
The luxurious feel of these knives, which has been finely polished to the smallest detail, makes these gems highly suited to giving as a gift.

"Getting closer to Sakai's traditional techniques!"

These knives use Aogami No. 1 steel, regarded as the finest among the Hitachi Metals Yasuki Steels. This is a rare and easy-to-care-for item and is carefully forged, using a rust-resistant stainless-steel material on the outside.
A versatile kitchen knife which makes full use of the traditional techniques of Osaka and Sakai.

"The height of harmony in sophisticated design"

This Japanese-style kitchen knife has a refined and elegant design, shaped in the kitsuke style, and featuring a beautifully polished laminate pattern.
The handle is made of natural compressed wood laminate, making it stronger than most laminates, and while it is shaped in the Japanese kitchen knife style it's highly durable.

"A symbol of traditional Japanese techniques"

After polishing 33 layers of VG10 Damascus steel to create a mirror-smooth surface, the flower pattern of these knives is beautifully finished with abrasive blasting.
The unique ripples in each piece are the hallmarks of this forging technology from Osaka and Sakai.
The design and performance make this style a masterpiece, and a symbol of traditional Japanese techniques.

"A supreme gem from skilled craftsmen"

A Japanese-style kitchen knife made from hammering out a single piece of metal, this piece was named Honyaki after the traditional Japanese sword making technique.
We also offer water quenched versions of this product, a difficult technique which is in high demand.
we hope you will enjoy these exquisite masterpieces made by skilled craftsmen in Osaka and Sakai, the home of Japanese kitchen knives.

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