Sharpening of kitchen knife. We also provide sharpening and repair service for kitchen knives that are worn out of shape, or chipped blades. The sharpening artisan with our long-passed cutlery sharpening technique will restore your knives anew.

Home use knife & Petty Knife 120mm〜210mm ¥800〜¥1,000
Chef Knife & Slicer 240mm〜330mm ¥1,200〜¥2,500
Yanagiba (Sashimi Knife) 210mm〜330mm ¥1,500〜¥3,000
Deba (Fish Knife) 105mm〜240mm ¥1,500〜¥3,000
Usuba (Pro-veg. Knife) 195mm〜240mm ¥3,000〜¥4,000
Noodle Knife 300mm〜360mm ¥3,000〜¥5,000
Chinese Cleaver ¥1,500〜

*Additional fees may apply in case for the shape reforming or for special materials.
*We might not able to accept Left-Handed Knives.
*Generally, It takes 1 week for sharpening and repair.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How long does it take to re-sharpen?

A. A.We require a week for re-sharpening work, regardless of the number of knive submitted to us.
However, same-day finishing is also available for household knives (double-edged knives like all-purpose knives) that have a blade length of 21 cm or less and are not significantly damaged.
Refer to this link for information.

Q. I bought a knife from another store, can you repair it?

A. Yes, we accept items regardless of the origin of their purchase.

Q. I'm far away, can I send a knife to you for sharpening?

A. Yes, that is possible.
Please pack it safely and send it by courier.
After the work is completed, it will be returned via cash on delivery, so when you receive it the courier driver will collect our fees for the work as well as the shipping fees.

Q. Can I contact you by phone or email for an estimate of the repair cost?

A. The basic charge is set according to the type and size, but an accurate estimate depends on the degree of damage, so we must see the knife in person before quoting a cost.
Please see here for our basic charges.  
Refer to this link for information.

Q. Can I bring a new knife that I bought at another store to you for its initial sharpening?

A. We will conduct initial sharpening on the spot for knives purchased from us as a part of our service, but we cannot do this for items from other stores, not even for a fee. Products from our brand can be used as is, so the process takes little effort and is free, but many products from other manufacturers take time and effort, so we can sharpen those products from our store for a fee.

Q. The handle of the kitchen knife I'm using has broken. Is it possible to repair?

A. Western knives fastened with studs may require welding work to repair, so we cannot repair them.
The handle of a Japanese kitchen knife can be replaced, but we may not be able to conduct those repairs depending on the level of rust.

Q. Please tell me the how many days it takes to replace a knife handle.

A. We place a great detail of importance on the durability of the repair, and we send it to be done by a specialist, so we ask for around 10 days.