Founded in 1923,
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We will be closed on Thursday, March 7 for maintenance of machines.

About us

Established in 1923 with a history spanning four generations, Asakusa cutlery maker Kamata Hakensha knows how to slice it. The company's 800-strong product lineup includes top-grade handmade knives as well as factory-made ranges.



You can get more services for the knife you purchased,"Hand-engraving" (Free)"More-sharpening" (fee required), while you are looking at it.

Sharpening Knife

Sharpening of kitchen knife. We also provide sharpening and repair service for kitchen knives that are worn out of shape, or chipped blades. The sharpening artisan with our long-passed cutlery sharpening technique will restore your knives anew.


This is a service aimed at normal households where instead of taking a week to complete sharpening we conduct it in an expedited manner, and can return the knives in an hour or two. It was conceived as an effort to raise funds to benefit reconstruction after the Tohoku earthquake and tsunami.

Original Product

Introducing original products.
In addition to this, we have wonderful products that symbolize traditional Japanese techniques.

A symbol of traditional Japanese techniques

After polishing 33 layers of VG10 Damascus steel to create a mirror-smooth surface, the flower pattern of these knives is beautifully finished with abrasive blasting.
The unique ripples in each piece are the hallmarks of this forging technology from Osaka and Sakai. The design and performance make this style a masterpiece, and a symbol of traditional Japanese techniques.

A supreme gem from skilled craftsmen

A Japanese-style kitchen knife made from hammering out a single piece of metal, this piece was named Honyaki after the traditional Japanese sword making technique.
We also offer water quenched versions of this product, a difficult technique which is in high demand. we hope you will enjoy these exquisite masterpieces made by skilled craftsmen in Osaka and Sakai, the home of Japanese kitchen knives.


About 8 minutes from Asakusa station. / About 8 minutes from Tahara-machi station.