Those who support the SDGs

We offer sharpening and repair services for any manufacturers’ products purchased at other stores,
the other day I wanted to use my cassette deck for the first time in a while,

but it could not play.

When I contacted the manufacturer,

I was refused on the grounds that the parts were out of stock.

Even though it is a product several decades old, it is a famous machine from the past,
and many valuable performances were recorded using professional noise reduction,
and they were played back only with this.

I was at a loss because I couldn’t play them back without this.

Then I found a company on the Internet that had experience repairing this equipment
and asked them to repair it.

Thank you, thank you, thank you for bringing it back to life
so beautifully in just a few days.


This kind of craftsmanship supports the SDGs, which value things.