The more often people sharpen poorly, the more often they polish.

I was asked to sharpen a pair of grip shears that had rusted after years of neglect. The back-skis of the shears are crucial, so I’ve done little else to them.

Recently, there are many images of sharpening on the internet, but while it is called sharpening, is it really just polishing the scissors?

In fact, many of them are just polishing to cover up their inexperience in sharpening. Polishing can be done by amateurs if they have the time and abrasives. Craftsmen with excellent skills are too busy to spend time on work that can be done by amateurs. The quality of the sharpness cannot be judged from a picture, and most of the recent videos have been processed in such a way that they are not recognisable to amateurs, which is a nuisance.

*This is a translation by a translation tool.