Medium Grinding Stone

A medium whetstone is a type of whetstone used in knife polishing. It has a grain size between that of a rough grinding stone and a finishing stone, and is suitable for finishing the edge of the blade. Below are the characteristics of medium grit stones and how to use them.


  1. Medium grain size: Medium abrasive stones have a grain size between that of rough abrasive stones and finishing stones, and are suitable for shaping the cutting edge and correcting the surface after shaving with rough abrasive stones. 1000 or so is the most common size.
  2. Balance between grinding and finishing power: Medium abrasive stones have lower grinding power than rough abrasive stones and higher grinding power than finishing stones, allowing for a smooth finish while shaving the cutting edge.


  1. Soak in water: Before using a medium whetstone, soak it in water. Water serves to release frictional heat on the surface of the whetstone and prevents overheating during the sharpening process. As you grind, the mud is released, allowing you to sharpen your knives efficiently.
  2. Sharpen at the Correct Angle: When sharpening knives with a medium whetstone, it is important to sharpen the knife at the correct angle. In general, hold the knife at an angle of 20 to 30 degrees and sharpen it by moving it back and forth on the whetstone.
  3. Uniform sharpening: It is important to apply force evenly to sharpen the edge of the knife. Keep in mind that the entire surface of the knife should be sharpened evenly.
  4. Finishing with a finishing stone: Once you have finished sharpening the cutting edge with a medium grit stone, it is recommended that you use a finishing stone to smooth the blade. The finishing stone has a finer grit and serves to smooth the edge of the blade.

Medium abrasive stones are used to smooth and finish the edge of the blade while preparing the edge formed by rough abrasive stones. It is suitable for correcting and fine-tuning the cutting edge and contributes to improving the final sharpness of the blade. In knife polishing work, better sharpness can be obtained by using rough whetstone, medium whetstone, and finishing whetstone in this order.

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