Steel material



Aogami is a type of steel used for Japanese knives and cutlery blades, and is known for its extremely high quality and sharpness. Below are the main features of Aogami:

  1. High carbon steel: Aogami is a steel material with a high carbon content. High carbon steel greatly contributes to the sharpness of the knife and can produce extremely sharp blades. Therefore, it is suitable for detailed cooking work and cutting.
  2. Sharpness of the blade: Knives made from Aogami are extremely sharp. It is very suitable for delicately cutting ingredients and making small cuts. The sharpness of the blade helps you perform cooking tasks quickly and accurately.
  3. Suitability for cutlery: Aogami is suitable for manufacturing various types of cutlery, such as Japanese knives, Western knives, sashimi knives, deba knives, petty knives, etc. This makes it versatile enough to accommodate a variety of cooking styles.
  4. Ease of sharpening: High carbon steels generally have easy-sharpening properties, making it easier to maintain and resharpen the blade. Regular sharpening will keep your knives sharp.
  5. Prone to rust: Aogami has the property of being easily rusted. Care must be taken with humidity and contact with acidic foods. It is important to wash and dry thoroughly after use. Also, care must be taken when maintaining the cutlery.
  6. Tradition and reliability: Aogami is one of the traditional materials for Japanese knife manufacturing, and is used by many professional chefs and knife enthusiasts for its quality and reliability. Knives made with Aogami are highly regarded as the fruit of craftsmanship and craftsmanship.

Aogami is an attractive steel material for chefs who seek high-quality sharpness, and it has a very important role in Japanese cutlery culture. However, it is important to understand the characteristics of steel and take proper care of it.

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