Handle material


Water buffalo

Suigyu” (water buffalo), which is used as the handle material for knives, is a natural material made from buffalo horn. Buffalo horn is sometimes used for knife handles and has the following characteristics:

  1. Beautiful Appearance: Buffalo horn has beautiful natural tones and patterns, and when used in knife handles, it creates a luxurious appearance. The color is generally black or brown, but occasionally white buffalo horns are also seen.
  2. Durability: Buffalo horn is a solid and durable material, making it suitable for knife handles. The handle fits your hand and gives you a firm grip while cooking, making it easy to control your cooking.
  3. Water Resistance: Buffalo horn is water resistant and relatively resistant to changes in water and humidity. This is an important feature because the knife handle is sometimes used when it is wet.
  4. Touch: The buffalo horn is smooth and feels good to the touch, which will not make your hands tired during cooking. It also has non-slip properties, providing stability.
  5. Workability: Buffalo horn is an easy material to work with and can be created into delicate designs and shapes by skilled craftsmen. This allows the knife handle to be customized to suit individual tastes and styles.
  6. Environmental Impact: Because buffalo horn is a natural material, ethical and environmental considerations are required when collecting buffalo horn. It is important to use sustainable resources and obtain buffalo horn in accordance with legal regulations.

Buffalo horn is widely used as a handle material for high-quality knives and blades, and is favored by many knife enthusiasts for its beauty and practicality. However, because buffalo horn is a natural material, it is important to treat it with quality and ethical considerations in mind.

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