The core (nakago) is the hollow part inside the handle of a knife. The core is designed to reduce the overall weight of the handle and to adjust the balance of the handle. The core also serves to maintain the strength of the entire handle.


  1. Hidden part of the handle:
    • The core is the metal part that is hidden inside the handle, leading from the blade of the knife.
    • It is directly responsible for the strength and durability of the knife and serves as a secure connection between the blade and the handle.
  2. Material and Construction:
    • The core is usually made of the same material as the blade. In high-quality knives, cores are also made of high-quality steel to enhance the overall balance and strength of the knife.
    • The shape and length of the core depends on the design and use of the knife. There are full tangs (where the core spans the entire handle) and partial tangs.
  3. Full tang construction:
    • In a full tang knife, the core spans the entire length of the handle, with the handle material attached to both sides. This gives the knife better balance and increased strength.
    • Partial tangs (where the core is only partially in the handle) are also available, and these are generally lighter and more suitable for certain applications.
  4. Mounting:
    • The cores are securely fastened to the handle with pins or glue. On high-end knives, craftsmen carefully attach the cores to ensure the integrity of the knife as a whole.


  1. Ensuring the strength and durability of the knife:
    • The core firmly connects the blade and handle, ensuring the strength and durability of the knife as a whole. This ensures that the knife can withstand heavy work and repeated use.
  2. Improved Balance:
    • Full tang cores improve the balance of the knife, allowing the user to operate the knife with greater precision and comfort.
    • The knife’s center of gravity is stabilized, which reduces fatigue even after prolonged use.
  3. Improved safety:
    • The core is securely fastened, reducing the risk of the handle coming off during use and improving safety.
  4. Longer Life:
    • Knives with high-quality cores will maintain their performance over a long period of use. With proper maintenance, the life of a knife can be significantly extended.

The core is an important structural element of a kitchen knife and has a significant impact on the knife’s performance, balance, and durability. A knife with a high-quality core is very important to the chef because it can be used reliably for a long time.

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