Cutting Edge

Kireha is a term used to describe the cutting edge of a knife or blade. It is the main part of the blade that cuts an object and is an important element in determining the sharpness of the blade.

Below are details on the characteristics of the cutting edge and related information:


  1. Shape of the cutting edge:
    • The cutting edge is the most advanced part of the knife and is sharpened very sharply.
    • The angle of the blade and the way it is sharpened can greatly affect the sharpness of the blade. Generally, the cutting edge of a knife is sharpened to a sharp angle, which gives it a sharp cutting edge.
  2. Importance of sharpening:
    • The cutting edge gradually wears down and loses its sharpness with each use. Therefore, they need to be resharpened regularly.
    • The sharpness and durability of cutting edges vary depending on the sharpening technique and the type of whetstone used.
  3. Influence of Material:
    • The performance of the cutting edge is also affected by the type of steel used in the knife. Knives made of high-quality steel are more likely to maintain a sharp cutting edge and are more durable.
    • A variety of steels are used, including carbon steel and stainless steel, each of which has its own specific properties.


  1. Cutting operations:
    • The cutting edge is the most important part of any cutting operation. Sharp cutting edges are necessary to efficiently cut a variety of foods such as meat, fish, vegetables, and fruits.
  2. Precision Work:
    • The sharpness of the cutting edge is especially important for fine or precision cutting. For example, sharp cutting blades are essential when cutting thin slices of sashimi or making small decorative cuts.

For Professionals:

  1. The chef’s obsession:
    • Professional chefs are very particular about the sharpness and condition of their cutting edges. They sharpen their knives on a daily basis to keep them sharp and provide high quality food.
    • They also use different cutting blade shapes and sharpening methods for different types of knives to ensure optimal cutting performance.

The cutting edge is the most important part of a knife and directly influences its sharpness. Proper maintenance and resharpening keeps the cutting edge sharp for efficient and precise cutting operations. The combination of high quality steel and proper sharpening techniques can maximize the performance of the cutting edge.

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