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Kiritsuke bocho” is a type of kitchen knife used especially in Japanese cooking. Kiritsuke knives are suitable for specific cooking tasks due to their unique shape and use. It is mainly used for cutting vegetables and other detailed work.

Features of Kiritsuke knives

  1. Shape of the cutting edge:
    • The cutting edge of Kiritsuke knives has a unique, angular shape. This shape makes it easy to perform fine work and precise cutting.
    • The sharp edge of the blade is suitable for fine cutting and decorative cutting.
  2. Blade length:
    • Kiritsuke knives generally have medium-length blades. This allows them to handle everything from fine to slightly larger cuts.
  3. Sharp sharpness:
    • The use of high quality steel makes the sharpness of the blade very sharp. This is important for precision work.
  4. Design of the handle:
    • The handles of Kiritsuke knives are designed to be easy to grip and to reduce fatigue even after long hours of work. Wood or synthetic resin is often used as the material.

Uses of Kiritsuke knives

  1. Fine work:
    • Suitable for cutting vegetables and fruits into fine decorative and crafted cuts. For example, it is used to cut carrots and daikon radishes into small pieces.
  2. Precise cutting:
    • The square shape of the blade tip makes it suitable for cooking that requires precise cutting. It is useful for making fine patterns and for cutting into uniform shapes.
  3. Versatility:
    • Kiritsuke knives can be used not only for detailed work but also for general cutting work, allowing you to perform a variety of tasks with a single knife.

Kiritsuke knives play a particularly important role in Japanese cooking. Its unique shape and functionality make it an important tool in the pursuit of beauty and precision in cooking.

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