Knife type



A “mioroshi bocho” is a type of knife specialized for grating fish. This knife is especially used to cut fish meat into three or five pieces. The knife is designed to cleanly cut the meat along the bones of the fish.

Below is a detailed description of the features and uses of the meat cleaver:

  1. Shape of the blade:
    • The blade of the blade of the meat cleaver is characterized by being long and thin. This shape allows for a smooth cut along the fish bone and a clean fillet.
    • The sharp tip of the blade makes it easy to perform detailed work.
  2. Sharp cutting edge:
    • A sharp cutting edge is necessary to cut smoothly through the skin and bones of fish. The high sharpness of the blade allows you to grate fish without damaging them.
  3. Firm back:
    • The back of a wholesale knife (the top of the blade) is relatively thick, providing firm cutting power. This makes it easier to separate the bones.
  4. Uses:
    • The knife is used to cut fish into three or five slices. It is ideal for cutting off the head of the fish, opening the belly to remove the internal organs, and separating the meat from the bones.
    • This knife can be used for fish of various sizes, from large to small.
  5. For Professionals:
    • Wholesale knives are often used by professional chefs and fishmongers in particular. They often choose high-quality wholesale knives because they demand precision and efficiency.

Body wholesale knives are very useful when handling fish and are a necessity for efficient work. Along with the proper technique, the right tool, a body wholesale knife, is essential for cleanly grating fish.

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