Knife type


Bone Cutting Knife

Bone cleaver” is a type of knife used to cut away bones. Generally, it is used for processing large bones of whole birds and fish. As its name suggests, the Kone-Suki knife is specialized for the task of cutting around bones, and has different characteristics from ordinary knives.

The features of the Kone-Suki knife are as follows

  1. Sturdy blade: The blade of the Bone Suki knife is extremely strong and durable. This is because the knife needs to withstand a lot of pressure to cut through thick bones.
  2. Thick back: The back of a bone knife is usually thicker than that of a regular knife. This is to provide stability as the knife applies force to cut through the bone.
  3. Rigid handle: The handle of the Bone Suki knife is designed to provide a firm grip and stability to the user. This allows the knife to be operated safely.
  4. Special blade shape: The blade of a bone knife is typically short and triangular in shape, allowing for a smooth cut around the bone.

Bone-skimming knives are generally used by professional chefs, butchers, and other experts, but products for home use also exist. When handling heavy bones, a special bone-skimming knife can be used to handle them efficiently and safely.

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