The “muzzle” is the metal ring-shaped part at the joint between the handle and the blade of a knife. The muzzle holds the knife handle and blade firmly in place and provides stability.

The main features and roles of the muzzle are described below:

  1. Fixing function: The muzzle serves to hold the handle and blade of the knife firmly in place. This ensures that the handle and blade do not shift during use and that stable cutting operations can be performed.
  2. Durability: Mouth rings are usually made of metal and are highly durable. It is an important component in maintaining the strength of the joint between the handle and the blade when the knife is used over a long period of time.
  3. Safety: A securely fastened muzzle allows the knife user to work with confidence. The stable connection between the handle and blade helps prevent unintended accidents and injuries.
  4. Design elements: The muzzle also has a certain influence on the design of the knife. The design of the muzzle, including the material, shape, and decoration, also affects the overall appearance of the knife and the decorative qualities of the handle.

As part of the knife, the muzzle plays an important role in ensuring functionality and safety. The presence and quality of the muzzle may also be considered when judging the quality and performance of a knife.

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