Yasugi Steel

Yasugi Hagane” is a Japanese steel material sometimes used in the production of kitchen knives and blades. This steel material is called “Yasugi Hagane” because it is produced in Yasugi City (present-day Yasugi Town) in Shimane Prefecture.

The characteristics of Yasugi steel are as follows

  1. High-quality steel material: Yasugi steel is a high-quality, hard, and durable steel material. This makes it ideal for the manufacture of knives and blades.
  2. Traditional manufacturing process: Yasugi steel production is based on traditional techniques and manufacturing methods. Steel manufacturing has been conducted in the Yasugi City area since ancient times, and the history and techniques have been passed down to the present day.
  3. Sharpness of knives and blades: Knives and blades made of Yasugi steel are characterized by their sharpness and longevity. They can cut food into clean slices.
  4. Brand value of the place of manufacture: Yasugibei Steel is also known as the brand value of Yasugi City, where it is manufactured, and is valued as a steel material symbolizing high quality.

Yasugi Steel is one of the most important steel materials in the Japanese cutlery manufacturing industry, and is recognized for its traditional manufacturing process and high quality.

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