Knife type


Ceramic Knife

Ceramic knives are a special type of knife with different materials and characteristics from common metal knives. Some of their characteristics are listed below.

  1. Blade material: The blade of a ceramic knife is usually made of high-hardness ceramic. Ceramic is harder than metal and keeps its sharpness longer than regular knives.
  2. Lightweight and thin: They are generally lightweight and have thin blades. This allows for superior control when working with fine or cut powdery materials.
  3. Non-reactive: Because ceramics are not metals, they do not react chemically with foodstuffs, resulting in little change in flavor or color. They are also resistant to acids and salt.
  4. Antibacterial: The surface of the knife is extremely smooth, making it resistant to bacteria and microorganisms.
  5. Sharpness: Due to the hardness of the ceramic, the knives are very sharp in the initial stages. However, due to its hardness, it requires a special process for resharpening compared to other knives.

However, there are some caveats to ceramic knives. Ceramic is a very brittle material and can be damaged if dropped or subjected to impact. Also, because of its hardness, care must be taken when cutting hard foods or bones.

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