Knife type


Sakimaru Takohiki

Sakimaru Takohiki is a type of knife used for sashimi. It is suitable for dismantling, skinning, and filleting fish.

The characteristics of the Sagimaru Takohiki are as follows

  1. Rounded tip: The tip of the blade is rounded to allow handling without damaging the skin when dismantling. This is especially useful when handling the octopus head area and legs.
  2. Thin blade: The thin blade is distinctive and suitable for detailed work. Suitable for thin filleting of fish.
  3. Easy-to-grip handle: The handle is easy to grip, providing a stable and comfortable grip while working. The design is non-slip and allows the user to easily control the knife.

The Sagemaru Takohiki is widely used in traditional Japanese cooking culture and by professional chefs who handle fish. Its distinctive shape and function are essential for efficiency and precision.

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