Jiai” is a technical term for knives, Japanese swords, and other cutlery, and refers to the condition and texture of the base metal of a blade. Ji” refers to the steel used for the core of the blade, and “ai” refers to its texture and appearance.

Jiai has the following characteristics and importance

  1. Quality of the material: Jiai reflects the quality of the base metal of a knife or Japanese sword. High-quality base metal helps to produce blades with excellent durability and sharpness.
  2. Reflection of forging techniques: Jia is also a reflection of forging and heat treatment techniques. The microstructure and pattern of the base metal varies depending on the craftsman’s technique.
  3. Visual beauty: The jiai of a blade can be beautiful and have a unique pattern. Especially in the case of Japanese swords, the beauty of the base metal is an important factor in enhancing the value of the sword.
  4. Functional Factors: The condition and texture of the jiai also affect the blade’s function. Uniform and dense jiaoge improves the strength and durability of the blade.
  5. Evaluation Criteria: The grain of a blade is one of the evaluation criteria. Especially for high-end kitchen knives and Japanese swords, the beauty and uniformity of the grain is important.

Jiai is an important indicator of the craftsman’s skill and the quality of the steel used. The overall quality and value of a blade is greatly affected by the way it is finished in its manufacture.

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