Handle material


Black Plywood

Black plywood is one of the most common materials used for knife handles. Below are some of the characteristics of black plywood.

  1. Durability and hardness: Black plywood is very durable and suitable for use as a knife handle. It is also very hard and can withstand long-term use.
  2. Highly waterproof: Black plywood is a resin-compressed material that is highly waterproof. It is resistant to deformation and corrosion when exposed to water and moisture, and retains its pattern quality over long periods of use.
  3. Non-slip effect: The surface of black plywood has microscopic unevenness, which has a non-slip effect. This prevents the hand holding the knife from slipping and provides stability.
  4. Good grip: The black plywood is pleasant to the touch and provides a comfortable grip. This makes your hand less fatigued when using the knife and makes it easier to operate the knife with precision.
  5. Good looking: Black plywood, as its name suggests, is characterized by its black coloring. Its deep hue has a beauty that complements the appearance of the knife.

Black plywood is popular as a knife handle because of its durability, water resistance, non-slip effect, grip, and beautiful appearance. As a result, it is widely used by professional chefs and cooking enthusiasts.

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