Steel material



Damascus is so called because of the surface pattern created by forging and grinding laminated materials into knives.
Below are some of the characteristics of Damascus.

  1. Unique and beautiful pattern
    Damascus steel is characterized by the beautiful pattern created by repeatedly layering and forging the steel. The pattern is shaped like ripples, giving the blade a unique beauty.
  2. Sharp Sharpness
    Damascus steel has a high carbon content, making it hard and sharp. The many layers of steel also make the blade easy to sharpen.
  3. High durability
    Damascus steel materials are firmly bonded to each other through repeated processes during forging.
    It is highly durable, and because the outer layer is softer than steel, it is also easier to sharpen.

These are the main characteristics of Damascus knives. Damascus knives are popular among cooks and knife lovers because of their beautiful patterns, excellent sharpness, and durability.

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