Knife type



Edo sakiki is a type of knife used to cut eels into pieces. It is also usually referred to as an “eel-slicing knife. This knife is designed to accommodate the unique bone structure of the eel and is used in broiling and certain cooking methods of eel.

The main features of the Edo SAKI are as follows

  1. Special blade shape: Edo SAKI knives typically have a special blade shape. The blade tip is thin and the entire blade is slightly curved. This allows the knife to effectively separate the meat from the bones of the eel.
  2. Sharp cutting edge: The sharply finished blade edge allows the blade to cleanly cut through the eel meat. The sharp cutting edge helps to smoothly enter the bone crevices.
  3. Suitable for fine bones: Eels contain a lot of fine bones, and the Edo Tear Knife is designed to handle such fine bones. It is suitable for separating eel meat by avoiding the bones.
  4. Easy to grip handle: The handle may be particularly easy to grip. This allows the cook to work with stability.

Edo-saki knives are specialized for the traditional Japanese method of cooking eel, and are used to cleanly separate the eel meat. Eel cooking is one of the traditional Japanese dishes, and knives suitable for this cooking method have been developed.

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