Finishing Wheels

A finishing stone is a whetstone used for the final sharpening of the blade of a knife or blade. A finishing stone serves to smooth the blade after it has been sharpened to maximize sharpness. It is a fine-grained whetstone and is used to sharpen the blade to uniform sharpness.

The features and uses of finishing wheels are described below.

  1. Grain size: Finishing wheels usually have a grain size of 3000th (#3000) or finer. This finer grain size produces a fine cutting edge by polishing the blade to form a sharp edge.
  2. Finishing: When using a finishing wheel, it is important to keep the wheel immersed in water to reduce frictional heat. Grinding the knife blade at the proper angle produces a smooth finish to the blade. Generally, several rounds of back-and-forth grinding are used to remove fine scratches and obtain an even blade.
  3. Soft finish: Finishing stones give a soft finish to the blade due to their fine grain. The sharpness is sharpened while the smoothness is added, resulting in excellent results when delicately slicing food.
  4. Types of Finishing Stones: There are many different types of finishing stones, including natural stones and synthetic stones. Each type of stone has its own unique characteristics and may produce subtle differences in blade finish.

The finishing stone is an important step in the process of finalizing the blade. It is important to use it correctly in order to polish the sharpness of the knife and optimize its comfort of use. If you are a beginner, we recommend that you seek advice from a knife specialist or learn the art of sharpening.

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