Circular Grinding Wheel

A circular whetstone is a type of sharpening tool used to sharpen knives. As the name implies, a circular whetstone is a disk-shaped grinding wheel. Circular wheels are used to sharpen knives, planes, scissors, and other cutting tools to restore the sharpness of the blade and improve the cutting ability of the blade. Circular grinding stones are offered in a variety of grain sizes and materials to suit different applications and preferences.

Below is information on the general characteristics and uses of circular grinding wheels.

  1. Grain size: Circular grinding stones are available in different grain sizes, ranging from coarse to medium to finish. Coarse grit stones are good for removing scratches, while fine grit stones are good for finishing sharpness.
  2. Use of water: When using a circular grindstone, water is usually applied to the surface of the wheel to reduce frictional heat and smooth friction when sharpening the blade.
  3. Correct angle: It is important to hold the blade at the correct angle to the circular wheel. The angle varies depending on the type of blade and application, but is usually in the range of 15 to 30 degrees.
  4. Uniform sharpening: When using a circular grinding wheel, it is important to sharpen knives with uniform pressure. Uniform sharpening results in a uniform finish on the blade.
  5. Finishing: Generally, knives are sharpened with a coarse grindstone, followed by a medium grindstone, and then a finishing grindstone. The final sharpness can be obtained by using a circular grindstone for the finishing grind.

Circular grinding stones are widely used for sharpening knives and require precise technique and practice. In addition, the choice of a circular grinding wheel should be tailored to the application and the blade. If you are unsure about how to sharpen your knives or blades, we recommend that you seek professional advice.

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