The hardness of a knife is a numerical value that indicates the hardness of the knife’s cutting edge. Hardness is one of the most important indicators of how durable and sharp a knife’s cutting edge is.

Hardness is usually measured on the Rockwell C scale and expressed in units of HRC. Generally, the hardness of Japanese kitchen knives is around 58-65HRC, while that of Western kitchen knives is around 50-60HRC. Knives with higher hardness tend to stay sharp longer and be more durable.

However, if the hardness is too high, the cutting edge may become brittle and vulnerable to impact, so it is important that the hardness of the knife be designed with balance in mind. In addition, hardness varies depending on the steel material of the knife and the method of heat treatment, so when selecting a knife, it is important to choose a knife that suits not only the hardness but also the intended use and preference.

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