Handle material


Red Plywood

Red plywood, used for knife handles, is a type of Japanese wood, some of whose characteristics are described below.

  1. High durability
    Red plywood is a hard wood that is extremely durable and rarely breaks or cracks, making it suitable for knife handles.
  2. Lightweight and easy to handle
    Red plywood is a very lightweight wood, which makes it easy to hold and handle when used for knife handles.
  3. Beautiful color
    Red plywood is characterized by its beautiful light reddish grain. When used for knife handles, it has a luxurious feel and a beautiful finish.
  4. Water-resistant
    Red plywood is one of the most water-resistant woods, and does not expand easily when soaked in water, making it less slippery when using a knife, even if your hands are sweaty.
  5. Preservative effect
    Red plywood contains ingredients that have antiseptic properties. This means that when used for the handle of a kitchen knife, the handle itself is less likely to rot.

These are the main characteristics of red plywood as a knife handle material. It is a material often used for Japanese kitchen knives because of its high durability and light weight, beautiful grain and color, water resistance, and antiseptic effect.

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