Handle material


Japanese bigleaf magnolia (Magnolia obovata)

Magnolia is sometimes used as a handle material for knives and blades. Its characteristics are as follows

  1. Durability and hardness: Magnolia is a hard, durable wood that will last a long time when used for knife handles. The grain of the wood can become more beautiful as it is used, so the longer it is used, the more flavorful its texture becomes.
  2. Gripability of the handle: Park wood is non-slip and provides a firm grip on the hand. The handle will not slip from your hand while cooking, providing a sense of stability.
  3. Beautiful appearance: The grain of the magnolia wood is beautiful and has a natural look and feel. The color varies from brown to reddish brown, and the grain pattern gives the knife a unique appearance.
  4. Workability: Magnolia is an easy wood to work. Craftsmen work it with great care and attention to detail, allowing them to create any shape or design they desire for the handle of their knives.
  5. Water Resistance: Although it is relatively water-resistant, it can deteriorate if immersed in water for long periods of time. After washing a knife, it is important to wipe off the water and let it dry.

Magnolia is commonly used as a handle material for kitchen knives, and is popular for its sturdiness and natural beauty. The handle is an important part of the knife and an important element that provides ease of use and comfort for the user.

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