Steel material



VG10 is widely known as a high quality knife and blade steel and has the following characteristics

  1. Durability and hardness: VG10 is a steel material with very high hardness. This is important for the long-term sharpness of knife blades. It is also very durable and helps to prolong the life of the knife blade.
  2. Sharpness: VG10 steel can be sharpened very sharply and delivers excellent sharpness. This allows for precision cutting in cooking operations and helps to cut food cleanly.
  3. Rust resistance: VG10 is rust resistant. Rust resistance protects knives relatively well in poor conditions, but if proper care is ensured, they can have an even longer life.
  4. Flexibility: VG10 has a good balance of hardness and flexibility. This means that it is not too hard and will not chip or break too easily.
  5. Workability: VG10 is an easy steel to work with. It can be polished by craftsmen to a beautiful blade. It also affects the appearance of the knife, as it can be given a blade pattern or edge pattern.

VG10 is generally used for high-end knives and blades, and is favored by many chefs and knife enthusiasts for its high performance and durability. The performance of a knife is affected not only by the characteristics of the steel material, but also by the subsequent finishing and manufacturing process by skilled craftsmen, so the overall quality of the knife is also an important factor.

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