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Niigata Tsubame-Sanjo

The cities of Tsubame and Sanjo in Niigata Prefecture are located in the central region of Japan and are known for their production of kitchen knives. The following describes the characteristics of Niigata-Tsubame-Sanjo and its knife industry.

  1. Location and Transportation: The Niigata-Tsubame-Sanjo area is located in the central part of Niigata Prefecture. Tsubame City is located approximately 30 kilometers south of Niigata City, and Sanjo City is located approximately 20 kilometers north of Niigata City. The region is well served by transportation, accessible by the Shinkansen bullet train, expressways, and major national highways.
  2. Characteristics of the knife industry: The Niigata-Tsubame-Sanjo area is known as one of the leading kitchen knife production areas in Japan. The traditions and techniques of knife manufacturing have been handed down here, and high-quality kitchen knives are produced here. Tsubame-Sanjo kitchen knives are highly regarded for their sharpness, durability, and balance.
  3. Cutlery Craftsmanship and Tradition: In the Niigata Tsubame-Sanjo area, skilled cutlery craftsmen manufacture kitchen knives using traditional methods and techniques. Many processes are performed by hand, including manual polishing, sharpening, and forging techniques. Craftsmen pursue a fusion of tradition and technology while maintaining strict quality control.
  4. Steel Utilization and Quality Control: In the Niigata Tsubame-Sanjo area, we also focus on the selection and quality control of the steel used for our knives. Steel materials used for knives are carefully selected for durability and sharpness. In addition, technologies are used to maintain high quality in processes such as forging and heat treatment of steel materials.
  5. Diversity of brands and products: There are many brands of kitchen knives in the Niigata-Tsubame-Sanjo area. Each brand has its own unique manufacturing process and features, offering knives tailored to individual needs and tastes. While preserving traditional manufacturing methods and techniques, they are also actively working to meet the needs of the times and introduce new materials.
  6. Attractiveness of Kitchen Knives as a Tourist Attraction: The Niigata-Tsubame-Sanjo area is attractive not only as a production center of kitchen knives, but also as a tourist destination. Visitors can experience the process and history of kitchen knife production by touring and experiencing knife workshops and visiting knife-related museums. Visitors can also enjoy the local food culture and tourist attractions, making for a fulfilling experience.

The Tsubame-Sanjo region of Niigata has a history and technology as a traditional kitchen knife production area, while producing high-quality kitchen knives that meet the demands of the modern age. The kitchen knives infused with craftsmanship and passion are favored by many food lovers and professional chefs. Therefore, for those who are looking for kitchen knives, the Tsubame-Sanjo area of Niigata is a place worth visiting.

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