Knife type


Deba knife

A deba knife (出刃包丁) is a type of traditional Japanese cooking knife. The following is a description of the characteristics and uses of deba knives.

  1. Blade shape: The deba knife is a typical single-edged Japanese kitchen knife. The back of the blade is thick and gradually narrows toward the cutting edge. The blade is thicker than that of a sashimi knife.
  2. Uses: Deba knives are mainly used for preparing fish and other seafood. Its single-edged blade is very sharp and strong, and can cut through hard parts such as fish bones. The thick back of the blade also makes it difficult for the blade to bend when force is applied.
  3. Sharpness and durability: De-edged knives are extremely sharp and can cut through fish smoothly. Sharpness and durability vary depending on the blade material and sharpening method, but in general, de-edged knives are strong and long-lasting.
  4. Shape of the handle: The handle of a de-aberu knife is generally made of wood and shaped for easy gripping. The handles are sometimes grooved or uneven to prevent slipping. Recently, synthetic resin or rubber material is also used for the handle material.

De-aberu knives are widely used in Japanese cooking and sushi restaurants. They are useful in situations where precise cutting and handling of bones are required in fish processing. Because of their sharpness and durability, they are considered one of the most important tools for professional chefs and cooking enthusiasts.

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