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Santoku Kitchen Knife

A santoku knife is a type of traditional Japanese kitchen knife that is multifunctional and can efficiently handle a variety of foods. Below are some of the main features of the Santoku knife.

  1. A versatile knife for a wide range of uses
    The santoku knife is a typical all-purpose kitchen knife for home use, as it represents the ability to handle a wide range of three types of ingredients: meat, fish, and vegetables. Although it can be used for many foods, please note that bones and frozen foods cannot be used as they cause blade spills.
  2. Wider Shape than Gyuto
    Santoku knives have a blade length of about 18 cm, which is sharp and can easily cut through food.
    The wide blade at the end of the blade allows for efficient chopping of vegetables and other foods.
  3. Lightweight for easy use
    Another feature of Santoku knives is that they are light and easy to use. Heavy knives tend to cause fatigue and reduce cooking efficiency, but because santoku knives are short and light, they are said to be less tiring even after long hours of cooking.

These are the main characteristics of santoku knives. Santoku knives are one of the traditional Japanese knives and are loved all over the world as an easy-to-use knife that can efficiently handle a variety of foods.

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