Knife type


Suji-biki knife

The suji-biki knife is one of the traditional Japanese cooking knives, especially used for cooking beef. This knife is suitable for pulling out the muscle cleanly from the meat of beef, and its name is derived from the process of “suji-biki”.

The main features of the juki-biki knife are as follows

  1. Blade Shape: Suji-biki knives generally have a long, narrow blade and can be double-edged or single-edged. The thickness of the back of the blade usually tapers gradually toward the edge.
  2. Sharpness: Muscle cleaver knives are very sharp and suitable for cutting meat precisely. Sharpness is important to clean the meat.
  3. Handle: Knife handles can be made of wood or plastic, depending on the cook’s preference. The handles are designed to be easy to grip and to withstand prolonged cooking work.

Sujihiki knives are considered an indispensable tool for drawing beef stripes and shaving off fat. However, it can also be utilized for slicing fish, especially in dishes where the long, narrow blade requires precise cutting.

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