Knife type


Yanagiba knife

The Yanagiba knife is a type of traditional Japanese kitchen knife. Its name comes from its blade, which is slender and gracefully shaped like a willow leaf. Yanagiba knives are suitable for cutting fish into thin slices.

The main characteristics of Yanagiba knives are as follows

  1. Blade shape: The blade is very long and narrow, curved like a willow leaf. This shape allows for fine and precise cutting and is ideal for cutting sashimi.
  2. Excellent sharpness: Yanagiba knives have thin, sharp blades that cut food cleanly. This allows you to finish your food without sacrificing the flavor and texture of the raw fish.
  3. Easy-to-use handle: The knives feature an easy-to-grip handle, which makes them easy on the hand, even after prolonged use. The design of the handle enhances the stability of the knife and allows for precise control.
  4. Lightweight and well balanced: Yanagiba knives are generally lightweight and well balanced for the user to hold. This is important for performing cooking tasks without fatigue.

Yanagiba knives are popular among Japanese culinary professionals and cooking enthusiasts because of their delicate and elegant blade shape, which adds an artistic element to cooking.

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