Handle material


Senna siamea

Senna siamea is a type of wood used for knife handles. The following are the characteristics of Senna siamea

  1. Hardness and durability: Senna siamea is relatively hard and strong. This makes it resistant to splitting and durable when used for knife handles.
  2. High density: Senna siamea is one of the denser woods. This property is one of the reasons why the knife handles provide a firm grip in the hand and are easy to use.
  3. Non-slip surface: Senna siamea has a breathable yet non-slip surface. The hand does not slip when using the knife, providing a sense of stability.
  4. Beautiful wood grain: Senna siamea is characterized by its beautiful wood grain. The natural texture and pattern of the wood gives the knife an elegant and warm appearance.
  5. Pleasant to the touch: Senna siamea is pleasant to the touch and provides a comfortable feel for the user. The handle of the knife is the part of the knife that is in direct contact with the hand, and comfort is an important factor.
  6. Ease of processing: Senna siamea is easy to process as a wood, making it easy for craftsmen to shape the handle. This allows knife makers to have more freedom in the design and shape of the handle.

The handle of a knife influences the handling and comfort of the cook, and Senna siamea is often chosen as an easy-to-use handle material due to its properties.

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